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“Dan is an exciting all-around theatre artist. He is one of the hardest working, focused and dedicated young directors I know. He has a wonderful dramatic imagination and a fearless approach to all his work.” –

David Kaye

Professor of Theatre and Dance and Chair of the Department of Theatre and Dance (acting/directing)
(603) 862-0667

“Dan Pelletier is an asset to any production team. His professionalism, punctuality, and creative energy make him not only an excellent entertainer, but a great “ideas” person when fresh concepts are needed. Having him on the Sowa Entertainment team has been an honor.”

-Greg Sowa

CEO of Sowa Entertainment
(603) 685-4229

“Working with Dan was a tremendous experience for our drama club. His knowledge in theatre and teaching and directing ability vastly improved not only the quality of our productions but the culture of our organization.”

-Ryan Gamblin

Maskers Stage Manager, Central High School Class of 2015

“Working with Dan was a very eye opening experience. He found a way to help me connect to my role in a way I never have before. To quote him he helped me solidly say that I could consider myself an actor who sings not just a singer who acts. Overall, couldn’t have asked for better direction from Dan and Footloose was one of my best theater experiences yet.” –

Sean FitzGerald