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Constantly Changing Hats

It has been a busy and gainful summer. Since my last blog post, I’ve had many new roles added to my resume. Fiddler on The Roof, Godspell, and Footloose were all smashing successes. Fiddler was a powerful show to be apart of, and it was a fulfilling process. Godspell was a wonderful show that allowed me to showcase the talented students at Central, and help continue my quest to build and expand the dramatic arts at the high school. Footloose is my proudest work to date as a director. The young adults I had the great pleasure of working with were everything I want in a cast: they came every night ready to be pushed to new limits, never settled or stopped exploring, and we ended up with a phenomenal piece of art that was meaningful to both performers and audience members.

I’ve also been spending my days at Camp Wakanda of the YMCA of Burbank as their drama specialist. It took a little adjustment going from primarily working with teens and adults to now working with campers ages 6-12. I’ve enjoyed getting to know my campers, seeing them try new things, and fall in love with theatre. I wish I had more opportunities to work on theatrical endeavors outside as the wilderness can be quite soothing.

With summer passed the half way point, it looks like my fall will be spent making fun of The Bard. At Central, we will be working on the parody play Romeo and Winifred: A Tragical Comedy in Two and a Half Acts. This marks our first purely comedic production since I’ve begun my time with Maskers, and the students can’t wait to get to work in September.

This fall also marks my return to the world of independent producing, with the return of Cue Zero Theatre Company. This time, we will not be working on an original piece, but on a play I’ve wanted to work on since high school: The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged) which will be presented in January at the brand new Hatbox Theatre in Concord, NH. Keeping in line with Cue Zero’s mission/theme of “new” and “first time,” this is the first full season at the Hatbox, my first time producing a known work on my own, and I am greatly hoping to get to work with plenty of new artists for my first time.

I will also be continuing being a part of the technical staff at Manchester’s historical Palace Theatre, as well as a few other side endeavors that I can not quite announce yet. It’s going to be a busy, but rewarding end of 2016!

Enjoy the rest of your summer

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